Civil Works Department


The main function of the Civil Works Department of the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council is to look after the proper implementation of various Development Schemes of the Council for the socio-economic development to the tribal people of the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council area


The Council take up various village Development Schemes such as construction/implementation of Market, Village Road, Footpath, Footbridge, Dolloi Office, School Building, Drinking well, Sanitary latrine, Playground, Community Hall including financial assistant to the poor people to purchase CGI sheet, improvement of paddy filed and Battle nut/Battle leaf garden and the project of renovation of Lawmusiang Market.

Service to the people as it depends on the standard of administration and working condition the council take up project of construction of Office building, MDC Hostel, Court building, Durbar Hall, maintenance of old building and the total computerization of office towards e-governance [ Project is under process.

Selection /Implementation

The village development Schemes are generally selected by the local MDC approved by the Executive Committee, the proposal along with estimate for Government Grand-in-aid are submitted to the Government for sanction. The schemes are implemented/executed only after getting the sanction either through village local committee with people participation or through contract with the co-operation of Local MDC and village committee.


The plan schemes under article 275(1) are sanctioned by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs Government of India and finance Commission award are Sanctioned by the Finance Commission to the state Government and the State Government distribute the fund 9:8:3 to the three District Council that is Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, Garo Hills Autonomous District Council and Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council. Therefore, this District Council received very small amount in comparison to other two District Council.

The Council own Fund Schemes are sanction by the Executive Committee.

The asset created under the Development Schemes does not managed by the Department as after completion the schemes has been handed to the Village being the end user expect Council Own building.

Head of Development Schemes

Government Grant-in-aid Schemes:

Plan Schemes [under Article 275(1)]

  1. Financing Council own plan Schemes.
  2. Financing construction of Council own building.

Non-plan Schemes.

  1. Award from the Finance Commission
  2. Rural Communication.
  3. Redevelopment of Lawmusiang Market under NLCPR Schemes.

Council Own Fund Schemes:

The implementation of Government Grant-in-aid schemes depends on the fund sanction/release by the Central Government through State Government and the Council Own Fund Schemes on placement of fund by the Executive Committee which depends on fund position of the Council.

The Major Project/Works completed:

  1. Construction of Office Building(old)
  2. Construction of Council Hall and Office building (New)
  3. Construction of MDC Hostel.
  4. Construction of Dolloi office in 19 Elaka, (one each Elaka).

The Ongoing Project:

  1. Construction of District Council Court building.
  2. Construction of Durbar Hall.
  3. Construction and redevelopment of Lawmusiang Market.
    (The Project is handed over to P.W.D. (B) Meghalaya for execution)
  4. Construction of School building in different part of the Autonomous area = 106 Nos (During the year 2010 to 2014)
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