Places of Interest

  • U Kiang Nangbah Monument: Located on the banks of Myntdu River at Syntu Ksiar.
  • The Monolith of Nartiang: A large collection of monoliths located in the market place.
  • The Durga Temple: A Temple of the Goddess Durga located ar Nartiang.
  • Thadlaskein Lake at Mukhla Village: A historical lake and a beautiful spot for outing, boating and picnic.
  • The Sutiang Fort: An old stone fort which lies between Shnongrim and Tongseng village within Nongkhlieh Elaka.
  • The Rupasor Bathing Ghat: Situated on the Jowai-Muktapur road. This is the royal bathing place where we can see the beauty of the rock cut art of the ancient Jaintias.
  • Ka dur u khmi: The image of an earthquake carved out of a huge solid rock located along the footpath from Syndai Village to Umpubon Bridge on the Jowai-Muktapur road.
  • The Borghat Temple: A rectangular brick-tile temple located at Borghat Village close to Bangladesh road.
  • Lung-zu-bel: A large collection of pots like objects carved out of stone on top of a hill at Saipung Village.
  • Ki Khroo Lyngdoh: They are the sacred grooves and are sanctified right from the ancient times. They are scattered all over the districts and almost every Village. The one in Jowai, Tuber and Ialong are very beautiful.

There are also a number of caves in Jaintia Hills, they are: -

  1. Syndai Cave at Syndai.
  2. Kotsati Cave at Lumshnong.
  3. Liatprah Cave.
  4. Krem Labit Cave.

Apart from this above, Jaintia Hills is also being added to its charm by the presence of a number of waterfalls like Rynji Falls near Mustem Village, Tyrshi Falls at Khliehtyrshi Village, Krangsuri Falls at Amlarem, Samanong Falls near Shangpung, Ordula Falls near Byndihati, Waingoi and Longju Falls in Saipung, Thlumuvi Falls and others.

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Places of Interest