1. Structure man power:- The structure man power of the department as at present is as per schedule below:

  • 2(two) posts of Officer(Class-I and Class-II)
  • 1(one)post of Head Assistant.
  • 1(one)post of Upper Divisional Assistant.
  • 8(eight)posts of Lower Divisional Assistants.
  • 1(one)post of Sr.Supervisor Recorder.
  • 1(one)post of Supervisor Recorder.
  • 38(thirty-eight)posts of Recorders.
  • 1(one)post of Driver.
  • 27(twenty-seven)posts of Field man.
  • 7(seven)posts of Office Peons.
  • 1(one)post of Cleaner.
  • 10(ten)posts of Process Servers.
  • 2(two)posts of Personal Peons.

2. Administration and Regulation of Land:- Administration and Regulation of land as functions by the Department is purposely for Issue of Land Documents and Collection of Revenue as per prescribed Acts and Rules of the JHADC,Jowai:-

(a)Land Revenue:- The Department collect the Land Revenue in respect Patta issued (i.e,up to 1980),Land Rent from Land Leased to different firms and institutions and Land Settlement.

3.Classification of Land:- As at present there is no classification of Cultivated Lands(i.e,Patta)

4. Area of cultivated land:- The total area of cultivated land as per records could not be ascertained at this moment.

5. Number of Land Leased – 132Nos.

6.Agricultural Land:- In this content, the Department have leased out certain plots of land for Agricultural purposes especially to the Agriculture Department of the State Government.

7. Type of land Revenue earned yearly:- (a) Revenue for allotment,occupation or use of land for the purpose of agriculture or non agriculture.

(b) Revenue for Preliminary Settlement,Creation of Charges in mortgage,Survey,Mutation ,Valuation,Splitting of Patta & Buniaj List, Replacing and duplicate documents etc.

8. Land Tenure system:-There are different categories of land tenure system in the district which concerned of the Department as shown below:-

  1. Buniaj List.
  2. Patta
  3. Raij Land
  4. Service and Puja Land
  5. Private Land

9. Traditional Land System:-Traditional administration of Land is done by the Elakas,Sirdarship, Raids and village Dorbars. The functions of the administrations is functions by the elected Dolloi, Sirdar,the Lyngdoh and the Headman which normally function under the purview of the District Council. Traditionally there are 18(eighteen)dolloiship and 1(one)Sirdarship,but at present there is another Patorship which spring up from the Raliang Dolloiship known as Sumer(Raliang)Patorship.

10. Acts,Rules and Regulation on Land Administration:-

11. Other relevant informations:-

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