Political Department

The Department deals with the administration of Elakas, Villages, Traditional Institutions, Customs and Usage, Appointment and Succession of Chiefs and Headmen, etc.
In the Administration of Political Department the Council has the following Acts and Rules, viz:-
(1).The U.K.J. Hills Autonomous District (Appointment and Succession of Chiefs and Headmen) Act, 1959
(2).The J.H.A.D. (Village and Town Administration) Act, 1974.
(3).The J.H.A.D. (Village and Town Administration) Rules 1975. It also comprises the following Committees -
(1) Customary Law Committee,
(2) Public Grievances Committee and
(3) Boundary Committee. Each Committee has its own Chairman, Vice-Chairman and four, Non-Official Members.


The Department has 2 Officers, 1 Administrative Officer 'and 1 Assistant Administrative Officer. The total numbers of employees in the Department are 40 excluding the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Non-Official Members of the aforesaid Committee.

1. Traditional Administration of Justice (Village Court) was defined under Chapter - II, constitution of courts, Rules 4,5 & 6 of the United Khasi Jaintia Hills Autonomous District (Administration of Justice) Rules, 1953.

2. Administration of Elaka and Sirdarship , Appointment of Chief and Headman was defined under the United Khasi Jaintia Hills Autonomous District(Apointment of Chief and Headman) Act, 1959.

3. Preservation of culture and custom and codification of Customary Law- in connection with this matter, the same is under process through the Customary Law Committee of the JHADC, Jowai.

List of the Doloi/Sirdar and Elaka within the JHADC, Jowai

List of Officers and Staffs under Political Department

Sr.No Name of Officers & Staff Designation
1. Smt. Barcelona Bamon Administrative Officer
2. Smt. Friedamaslyne Lathong Asst. Administrative Officer
3. Smt. Pyngngad Lipon Head Assistant
4. Smt. Switzerland Laloo Upper Division Assistant
5. Smt. Balnaderis Pala Lower Division Assistant
6. Smt. Sniawbha Susngi Do
7. Smt. Wande Pyrbot Do
8. Smt. Niwanlang Shadap Do
9. Smt. Limi Tyngkan Do
10. Shri. Riswell Muruh Do
11. Shri. Heinidaembok Sungoh Do
12. Smt. Daphishisha Shylla Do
13. Smt. Jovialcy Manner Do
14. Smt. Duh Muliar Do
15. Smt. Yoowan -i- Lamare Do
16. Smt. Khelimon Rymbai Do
17. Shri. Easter sunday Dkhar Do
18. Smt. Berlin Sutnga Do
19. Smt. Carefulness Bareh Do
20. Smt. Khadduh Laloo Do
21. Smt. Elinda Law Do
22. Smt. Mardaka Pastieh Do
23. Smt. Mercyful Dhar Do
24. Smt. Ardalin Sungoh Do
25. Smt. Phelin Mohtsun P/Peon
26. Smt. Suwima Lathong P/Peon
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